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  • I passed a lot of hours in a long queue at the Municipality office, waiting for all the documents I have constantly to do for my resident permit. Giuliana shows me how it is simple to get rid of it and live better all these bureaucratic tasks

    Abu Abdel
  • I'm always super busy with my work and when I was coming back home, my bran was not having great ideas in playing with my children. I was feeling inadequate, totally. I profit about July's offer about creativity and playing with children and now I feel really comfortable with them. It was really sufficient to learn how to listen to them and...

    Sophie Beneteau
  • An amazing experience. When I was starting setting up my garden I was thinking about what I wish and not what was possible and natural for plants and flowers. It was sufficient to chat with a volunteer of ARTEM ACCESS for 1h and I found out incredible solutions. Thanks a lot

    Paul Gilbert
    Vice Director - Wilson Media
  • Normally I'm the one solving the situation in all kind of emergencies of my clients. Thanks to Artem Access I met someone that let me reflect about when and how to do things better, instead of concentrating only on what to do

    David Stewart
  • It's a pleasure to learn what you would like to learn. I was never thinking that cut roses in a correct way will imply so much knowledge, but I'm happy to take part in the mini-training done by Luc. Thank you Artem Access, it was a very inspiring.

    Harry Blood
  • Who has never thought about how many dangers we can face every day in our house? Bruno and his course on emergency preparedness have really opened my eyes!

    Marry Lindsay
  • Such a huge effort to make accessible what you know perfectly! New technologies can simplify life but also can be a huge barrier for exclusion. My service offer and the people I get in contact teach me a lot about the reality out of "my bubble".

    Carlo Bianchi
    IT engeneer


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