Frequently Asked Questions

We report  here the most frequently asked questions about ARTEM ACCESS


What is an artemiser?

We call in a familiar way ARTEMISER the user that is providing an offer of voluntary service through the Time Bank ARTEM ACCESS

How can I gain Time-Credits?

When a user take an account in ARTEM ACCESS, he/she will immediately receive an entry bonus of 3 TIME-CREDITS. 1 TIME-CREDIT will be also immediately added for each OFFER the user will upload. It is also possible to earn TIME-CREDITS providing a voluntary service to a registered user, that makes the request through ARTEM ACCESS. The total TIME-CREDITS transferred, in this case, will correspond to the total estimated duration of the voluntary service, expressed in hours in the offer description. 1 hour of voluntary service = 1 time-credit


In the function MY TIME-CREDITS you can always control how many time-credits you have, and track how you earned them. When an exchange of voluntary service is concluded, the time-credits earned or donated will be notified by email and it will be displayed in this section of ARTEM ACCESS. If you may encounter any inconsistency in your time-credits received or donated, you may refer to the Regional Contact Point Manager.

What is the role of the Regional Contact Point Manager (RCPM)?

The consortium of organizations developing ARTEM project and supporting ARTEM ACCESS, pointed out one or several REGIONAL (or LOCAL) CONTACT POINT MANAGER(s). At least one person for each country (being a multilingual platform) will take care of any contact message coming from users in the local language. RCPM can provide support also in registering for an account or uploading an offer, through online tools or face to face (it depends on each local reality). He/she will be automatically notified by ARTEM ACCESS of all exchanges going on at the local level, monitoring the transfer from a user receiving the voluntary service to and artemiser providing it. It is absolutely possible that the RCPM decides to open a quality check on the exchange, both on the user and on the artemiser, or only one of them.

There is a Quality Check done on the exchanges of voluntary services?

In ARTEM ACCESS we look for a quality that has nothing to do with the PERFORMACE. The Regional Contact Point Manager (RCPM) may verify through direct contact or email if the way the exchange took place is respecting the Code of Conduct you have subscribed. See at

How can I request to benefit from an offer?

When you have identified the offer you are interested in, you can contact him/her using the form "SEND ARTEMISER A MESSAGE". An email will be automatically sent to the Artemiser. The Artemiser has the right to confirm or not the availability for the offer. If the Artemiser confirms the availability, an exchange has started! You can agree with each other on when and where the exchange can take place in practice. Once the contact is established, both users will have access Name, Surname, Photo and Short presentation. No other personal information will be accessible on the platform. All information necessary for realizing the exchange (for example telephone number, etc.) needs to be shared directly by the users and under their responsibility.

How much is the cost of an offer in time-credits?

Each offer is described on ARTEM ACCESS. One of the items of the descriptive form online is "Estimated duration of the service offered". The number indicated and expressed in hours determines the cost in time-credits of the offer. The principle is: 1 hour = 1 time-credit

How can I give time-credits to an Artemiser?

When an exchange of voluntary service is concluded, you have to come back to page of the offer you benefited of and donate time-credits to the Artemiser. To do this you have to click on "Give time-credits to the Artemiser". This will take you to a new dedicated page where you can make your time-credits transfer. You will need to insert manually the correct number of time-credits for the specific offer, the title of the offer, and to validate the donation. Please go through the instructions you will find on the page. All transactions will be notified by email and it will be displayed in the section MY TIME-CREDITS. If you may encounter any inconsistency in your time-credits received or donated, you may refer to the Regional Contact Point Manager.

How may I rate the voluntary service received?

A user can go on the descriptive form of the offer to express his/her appreciation (or non-appreciation) of the offer received. Clicking on the 5 stars bar, it would be possible to choose to attribute from 1 to 5 stars. The rating will be anonymous. The rating visible on the descriptive form is always an average rate received by all the users requesting and receiving that specific voluntary service by the artemiser. The user can always come back to change his/her rating, even if it has been already expressed. The platform will consider only the last rating assigned.

The platform shows a message: ACCESS DENIED

For most of the interactions within ARTEM ACCESS and for visualizing most of the functions you have to have an ACTIVE ACCOUNT and to be LOGGED IN when you are surfing the platform.

Data requested in the registration form, what for?

The registration form you have to submit to have an active account on ARTEM ACCESS, is asking for different data. All of them are useful for the functioning of the platform, but this doesn't mean that they will be publicly shared. Most of the data are used by the database to identify you and to locate geographically the offers you upload. Contact data are mostly available only for the Regional Contact Point Managers, that may need to contact you for a quality check or for any other management reason. A non-registered user cannot access any of your data. A registered user in ARTEM ACCESS will simply have the possibility to contact you through the portal to request the voluntary service mentioned in the offer. Users, among them, probably need to agree about when and where, and may decide to exchange other contacts. Any exchange of personal data will occur under the responsibility of the 2 parts involved.

Who is ARTEM ACCESS for?

Every adult subscribing the code of conduct can join ARTEM ACCESS.


Register for an account. Add your service offer opportunities. Go through the offers of the other Artemisers. Benefit of the ones you like and let the others benefit of your talents.

Which kind of TIME BANK is Artem Access?

ARTEM ACCESS is an online time bank, based on voluntary service offers, that promotes and facilitates the encounter between individuals and the community. The encounter starts from the exchanges of voluntary services, where the reference is our time, the time we could dedicate to one another. These exchanges will allow people to know each other and to value one another, through their competences and the learning they can share. An offer is based on sharing the talents of the artemiser with one other user (1:1). Even if realized with more users (1:Many) at the same time, time-credits will finally correspond only to the hours dedicated by the artemiser to realize the offer.

I received a MESSAGE from a user, where to find it?

One time logged in, you can see a menu to the upper part of your screen where you will find MESSAGES. From this function, you can check all the exchanges of messages occurred and manage your relationships with other artemisers.

Where I can see MY OFFERS

One time logged in, you can see a menu to the upper part of your screen where you will find MY OFFERS. From this function, you can see all the offers you uploaded, check their status (published, not published) and manage their content and validity.

How to estimate the NUMBER OF TIME-CREDITS for an offer?

The offer duration should equal the total amount of consecutive hours needed to implement it one time. On the base of the availability of the artemiser, the offer can be exchanged more times. Each time a transaction in time-credits has to occur.