Submit your offer

Why to submit an offer to ARTEM ACCESS

ARTEM ACCESS time bank provides the possibility to submit your offer of voluntary service. Many reasons to do it. Let's name a few... 

You would like to dedicate part of your time to others

You know something that others can consider useful

You can do something you consider useful for others



Some guidance with screenshots

You can manage your offers of voluntary service, renew them and change them at any moment.

When logged in, fill in the descriptive form to publish a service offer

Click on My Offers, select and modify your offers

Click on My Time-Credits, you will see all your exchanges

In case you need further support

If you have difficulties in submitting your offer for voluntary service or you may need more support in designing your proposal please address the national coordinators at the following contacts

ITALY (Rome)

Replay Network











AUSTRIA (Innsbruck)

VEREIN Multikulturell



Pistes Solidaires